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How to care for cat hair. Combing.

Any cat all day licking regularly. It does this in order to get rid of the foreign odors and "comb" fur. Licking, she accidentally swallowed lumps of wool, and from time to time, have to get rid of them (for example, by eating grass or houseplants to provoke vomiting). In the long-haired cats accumulation in the stomach lumps of wool, often becomes a real problem. Since fur is long (some species  length is 15 centimeters), and even, often, and with undercoat, clumps of wool may accumulate in such numbers that they can even block the intestines (and then have to resort to surgery). In addition, sometimes wool clings to teeth and accumulates in the mouth, causing the cat to tangible disadvantages. Long hair can also be dumped in mats, which get rid of their own cat can not.

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How to care for cat hair. The washing up.

 For cats, participating in exhibitions and has its own rules concerning the frequency of cleaning and grooming in general. Because on this site all the threads of the content of the cats in the home are covered in the first place, in terms of taking care of their health (and not the receipt of the exhibition of the main prize of care), the question of what to do with the hair, in order to participate announcements and win, we do not consider.

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What is dangerous for a cat in a city apartment?


  1. Infection. Even if the cat does not happen on the street, the likelihood that it will pick up a dangerous disease of animals from the street, it is still there. Infection can bring into the house you are on clothing or shoes. In order to prevent major feline diseases, the animal must be regularly vaccinate (see. What immunizations needed a cat).
  2. Household chemicals. Cats tend to lick, clearing the wool from foreign odors. Therefore, accidentally run into any economic fluid cat hasten to wash. Do not leave unattended open bottles, remember, the cat - an animal curious to check that the presser foot there is an interesting lapping at the bottom of the bottle - it quite natural desire. Many cleaning products are toxic, so be careful.
  3. Cat stuck in a boxOpen windows, balconies Open. The cat may fall down trying to walk on the windowsill, or jump on the neighbor's balcony. The most dangerous are the windows and balconies of estrus in the cat (the cat in estrus). Under the influence of hormones animal completely loses his head, and seeks to escape from the apartment and alert the whole neighborhood about their desires in every possible way. Therefore we can not leave windows and balcony doors wide open without supervision, and for better ventilation opening them to crack. Open windows vertically on the 45? can also be dangerous - some cats are trying to get out, even through such a gap, and you could end up stifling. You can protect the iron grid of the window, however, it is required to further strengthen (to withstand the weight of the animal). Conventional mosquito net is often useless - cat claws tearing it, and escape attempts continue.
  4. Doors and furniture. The cat may be injured, climbed into bed that someone decided to disassemble or assemble. Doors are especially dangerous for small kitten. Curious kitten might try to squeeze through the crack in the door closing and get a serious spinal injury. And if there are drafts in the apartment and the door slam sharply and strongly, the danger is increased many times over. Therefore, if you have got a kitten, be careful closing doors and furniture assembling-disassembling.
  5. Cat in the washing machineWashing machine and any other appliances in that cat It can climb. A cat can climb into the drum of the washing machine or in a bowl with the laundry. Therefore, before you wash, always check that there are no cats in the car, and not getting enough sleep to get the laundry is not looking (you may well not see lurking in the basin of a small kitten). The same rules apply to other consumer electronics - before you include something to make sure that inside there is a cat, and never dry it in the microwave.
  6. Collars. It would seem perfectly safe thing. However, one is not very fine day, the cat can catch on a collar for something and choke.
  7. Christmas Threads and rain. Eating thread and the Christmas rain is fraught with intestinal obstruction, so easy access to them should not be. If the cat is still ate something like that, and it begins to "come out" of any means do not try to get it yourself. If you see that a cat's tail sticking out from under, for example, tinsel, just cut it to the extent that it will "come out." But do not delay, because so you can injure the animal intestine. Next time try to be more careful and not to leave the tinsel in places accessible to the cat (or even give up using it).
  8. Cookers. On a hot plate the cat can get burned, so do not allow it to her. Do not allow the cat to sit on the plate, even if it is not currently enabled.
  9. The cat eats flowersPlants. Cats and indifferent to the plants, and cut flowers in a vase standing (see. If the cat eats flowers). Many of our favorite plants are poisonous, so, sadly, they are better to get rid of. Plants dangerous for cats - a geranium, lily of the valley, yew, hemlock, marigold, narcissus, poppies, oleander, philodendron, squill, henbane, the violets, hellebore, chrysanthemums and all the bulbs.
  10. Electric wires. Some cats are totally indifferent to the wire, while others, on the contrary, try to try on a tooth everything they can reach. Wires under voltage, current can hit the animal. But even if there is a danger that something should be done. So, if your cat was "rodent", take the following measures. Remove all wires in a box, that might hide there. Do not leave unattended headphones, cell phone chargers and other trifles. If the cat caught for corruption wires - punish, let her know that you can not do. Punishing the cat only makes sense if you caught it for some offense (see. How to punish a cat). If a case has already been done, it is useless to blame - the animal does not understand the cause of your anger.