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European Shorthair cat breed

The history of European shorthair cat breeds

European Shorthair breed was developed by the Swedish, Danish inorvezhskimi breeders in the first half of the XX century. The very first European Shorthair cat named Vastl von der Kolyung, he successfully performed at the Berlin feline show in 1932, after which the breed was officially prizanana. The cat was a silver-merle, and stressed its owner, great catch mice and rats. Generally breeders conclusions of the European short-haired cats and cats as a prominent Mouser and rat-catchers. The last recognized the breed of the United Kingdom, because of its similarity to the British Shorthair.

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The Persian cat breed

The origin of the breed Persian cats

Homeland Persian cat breed, day-probability, Iran (formerly Persia). Italian traveler Pietro Della Valle has described these cats in his book "Journey to Turkey, Persia and India in the 54's letters", it was in 1620. From Persian cats were brought to Italy, from where they were first to France and then to Britain, where the breeding of this breed I do seriously. In 1887, the Persian cat breed was officially registered in the UK. Among the owners of Persian cats were even Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales!

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Siamese cat breed

History of Siamese cats

Siamese cat breed appeared vdrevnem state of Siam (now Thailand). Their ancestors - the wild Bengal cat. It is supposed that the Siamese cats were first introduced in the capital of Siam, city Ayuda. They lived in temples and royal houses, the people worshiped them and cared about them.

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Siberian cat breed

The origin of Siberian cats

Siberian catThere are several theories about the origin of Siberian cats, nokakaya of them true history is silent. Perhaps during the colonization of Siberia, the first settlers brought cats to control mice and rats. In the future, brought cats interbred with wild forest cats, and as a result there was this rock.

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Angora cat or a Turkish Angora

The origin of the Angora cats

Angora cats are known sXVI century AD. The name they received in honor of the Turkish town of Angora (modern Ankara). In the XVIII century Angora cat became popular in Europe, they can be found in many wealthy homes. In Russia they were after the Russian-Turkish wars and too popular with the nobility.

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History of breed munchkin

Korotkolapye Munchkin cat-emerged by chance vrezultate spontaneous mutation. These mutations sometimes occur - for example, by worldwide periodically cats are born in one way or another nude. Same thing with korotkolapymi Mike Farley - the first news coverage that somewhere a normal cat kitten born with short legs were still in the 30's of last century.

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History of breed cats Egyptian Mau

Egyptian PhotoEgyptian mau- is the oldest breed of cats, its history goes back nearly 3,000 years. Age artwork, which depicts a cat that just about three millennia. There was this breed in ancient Egypt and since then has not changed much. The Egyptians worshiped the cat, they built temples in her honor, in a sign of mourning for the dead cat to its owner shaved eyebrows, the who accidentally He knocked to death a cat waiting for a terrible death (his stoned), the first cat was carried out of a burning house ...

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The history of Canadian Sphynx

The first mention olysyh cats appeared in ancient times, the Aztecs. However, according to the description of hairless cats that time were very different from all modern sphinxes. Periodically hairless kittens were born in different parts of the world in the usual household and outdoor cats. Attempts to bring bald breed cats were several. In 1966, the domestic cat was born naked kitten, named Prune. Prune almost became the founder of a new breed, it even recognized, but in 1971 the status of breed It was withdrawn. She was too small in number to the same bald kittens are born weak, require special care and often died.

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Bengal cat breed

The history of the Bengal breed cats

History of domestic Bengal cat began in 1961 in the United States. She created this breed American biologist, geneticist Jean Mill (Sugden her first husband). While on a business trip on the South-East Asia, Jean was in a natural habitat species Felis Bengalensis wild cats. Unfortunately, these beautiful cats were then on the verge of extinction (and they entered into the Red Book of the present day). The market in Bangkok Jin saw Bengal kittens. Of course Jin could not bear to look at the small unfortunate kittens in a basket from a dealer. She bought one and brought home to the United States. Kitten, who was a small cat, Gene called Malaysia. Since it began domestic breeds Bengal cats.

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History of breed Don Sphynx

Don sfinks- is one of the few cat species, bred in our country. History of the breed began in the city of Rostov-on-Don. In February 1986, a native of the city of Krasnoyarsk Elena Kovaleva returns home and saw the boys mock kitten. Elena took away their kitten and took it home. Little cat named Varvara. Once the hair on the back of Barbara's beginning to come out, the treatment did not help - back cat remained bald. In 1988, the cat showed felinology, but it did not make any impression on them. In 1990, Barbara was brought to the European Shorthair cat Basil. It had three kittens, including a cat named Chita, who became the ancestor new breed - Don Sphynx. Excretion breed known felinologist engaged Irina Nemykina.

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