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The world's longest cat

Trouble with his niece Zooey. Zooey - normal for the size of the savannah


The largest in world cat named Trouble belongs to breed savannah (a cross between a serval and a domestic pedigree cats), he was 3 years old. Trouble length of the hind legs to the shoulders is 48 centimeters. Cat weighs very little for its size - only about 9 kg, - because they are constantly running around and generally lead a very active lifestyle.

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The world was on the 4 white tigers more!

White tigers

Four healthy white cubs - three boys and a girl - were born recently in the Yalta zoo tiger at the Tiger Tigryulya and Patrice. Zoo staff long concealed pregnancy Tigryulya, remembering her recent false pregnancy. The smallest kitten weighs a pound, and the largest - all 1300 grams. One of the kids (at a photo - second from left) - almost albino, strips he is almost there. White tigers - a great rarity (there are about 130 individuals in the worldwide), Therefore, the birth of each new white tiger - a great happiness.

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Japanese fashion reached Austria

Three years it took Japanese woman Takako Isimitsu to agree with the authorities and sanitary services of the Austrian capital opening feline cafes. The new cafe is already "working" five tailed employees. Cat cafe immediately gained popularity among tourists and local residents.

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The cat café in Tokyo

This is the famous Japanese ket-a cafe. And you would have gone in a cup of tea?

In Moscow, opened the Temple Cats

Cultural Temple Cats postoroenny project trainer Yuri Kuklachev, should appear in September 2012 in Moscow a year. 

The upper floor of the Temple takes the so-called Garden of the cat, where you can observe the behavior of cats of different species in a very anturazhnye environment. Persian cats will recline on Persian carpets, Siberia - in Siberian corner and build a miniature Manhattan to American rock. 

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Cat washes dishes

Kot Basia washes dishes (video):

Videos that cat owners Basi posted on YouTube, has been hit very quickly. The video young cat seropolosatogo classic color lugs tert carefully standing at the sink bowl. Cat does not bother pouring tap water trickle and people with a video camera, commenting on his actions.

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