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Côte underwater

The first cat immersion in the world under the water held in the White Sea in the diving center "Arctic Circle". A pioneer in the underwater world has become one of the cats of the trainer Yuri Kuklachev.


Cat carefully designed diver suit. At first it was supposed to prepare a wet-suit, with the free legs and a tail, but tests have shown that cats with wet feet feel uncomfortable. As a result, the cat sewn completely dry suit. A particular challenge in the manufacture of costume representing the "tail sleeves" meant, of course, for the tail.

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10 major bugs cat

Seals strange, it is a fact. We have compiled a collection of 10 basic cat bugs.

Thus, the seals are able to ...

1. ...blunt:

Côte tupit muzzle into the wall

2. appear out of nowhere at an unexpected moment:

Cat doing yoga with mistress

3. ... suddenly fall asleep anywhere:

cat sleeps

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4. become fluid:

Cat in a glass, cats - a liquid

5. cute and silly to lie on the floor:

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Cats - a liquid

Cats easily and naturally turn into a liquid form. View a selection of a photo and video evidence that Cats - it is a liquid.

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Cats - a liquid

Liquid cat

Liquid cat falls off the couch

The liquid in the glass cat

Liquid cat in bidet

Cats is a liquid, fun with cats

Jokes about cats: Cats liquid

Cats - it's fluid, jokes about cats

The liquid in the glass cat

Liquid Cat in the bank

Cat in the bank - a bank cat

Kitten in a glass

Cats take a liquid form

Cat in the glass is a liquid?

Cats are liquid

Cat in a liquid form, fun

And now a video about how cats are taking a liquid form and flow in the most different containers:

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Banking cat

Banking cats, or cats in the bank - this is one of the most common forms of cat in the world of existence. We all know that cats - this is such a liquid. Why not store them in banks?

Fun with cats - cats with banks

Cat in the bank or bank cat

Cat in the bank - a cat banned

Cat climbs into the jar

Two cats, one bank

Red cat climbs into the jar

Red cat crawled into the bank

Cat in the bank and compote

Fota cat in the pot, the cat has been banned

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Cat of the British government suspected of spying

Let's start in order: to date, three cats are living and working in the British government. As you can see the problem of mice in the UK it is very serious.

Cat Larry, about which we wrote earlier in his career caught only one mouse, and instead fulfill its responsibility to protect the government from rodents, prefers to bask in the sun and sleeping on the tables. For such a poor performance the British Prime Minister dismissed Larry. Of course, the dismissal was purely formal and the cat stayed in the government and went to bed where he likes. That this beauty:

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About cat Garfield will remove the film

Good news came in the morning from the company Alcon Entertainment. The company has received exclusive rights to the comic book about a cat Garfield and soon you and me waiting for the third part of the beloved cartoon. One of the producers of the new cartoon will be John Cohen, familiar to us from «Angry Birds in the movies" and the two parts of "Despicable Me."

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New Talent cat Maru (video)

It turns out our favorite with you cat Maru there is another talent. He is able to climb stairs. Maybe it's all about the reward that awaits him at the end of the path?

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I'm a bad cat. Part 2

CAT shame pictures - this is one of the most popular English-language Internet memes. Hosts photographed their pets next to a sign that says, what this seal (or a little dog) should be ashamed. See our latest collection of ill-bred bad seals.

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A man climbed a tree for the cat and could not get down back

27-year-old resident of Istanbul Umut Ozturk decided to save a cat stuck in the tree. On the cat was attacked by crows, and she was not able to come down on their own. A man climbed a tree, crows scared and gave the cat to people at the bottom. But to get off the ground, he could no longer without help - had to wait for rescuers. Arrived half an hour later firefighters removed the man with an 8-meter height. Umut said that he himself has a cat, so he could not pass animal in distress.

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Kotokusty conquer the social networks

British surrealist painter Richard Saunders creates unusual works - it attaches to the bushes and trees in the form of photos seals. One day on a walk painter drew attention to the bush, whose shape vaguely reminiscent of a sleeping cat. So began a period kotokustov.

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