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Cats and water (video)

British cat rapidly fattening


Fat cat

On the basis of the veterinary clinic "slimming clinic" opened recently at the University of Liverpool to the UK house cats. The clinic can be a complete diagnosis of the organism cat adjust its power mode, if necessary - to pick up a special diet. Some very lazy owners at the time of sending their pets to live. The clinic for cats carefully looked after, fed and properly taken care of the animals were physically active - play with them. It would seem, why not do the same thing at home? However, judging by the fact that the clinic quickly gained popularity, it is not so simple. Maybe the owners also used to sleep all day and bask in the sun for a couple with their pets?

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Funny cats (video)

Côte Jora knows everything about Euro 2012 (video)

At the world famous octopus Paul many followers appeared in this year worldwide. Currently, the most successful animal predictors three football matches - a cat Jora from St. Petersburg (first place), Fred the ferret from Kharkiv (second place) and boar Funtik from Kiev (third place). The accuracy of the predictions Zory is 50% (ie the outcome of one of the two matches he always guesses). 

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Find two cats

Find the cat

Look answer

The cat got up and left

Another cat got up and left:

Funny cats (video)

Sly Cat thinks that it is not visible

Find the cat

Find the cat

Fun with cats

Cat and tail (video)

Since childhood, he did not let the cat sleep. But now it's time to catch him. Come on, cat, we believe in you!