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Entertaining kotofizika

Consistency cats

Males are solid, liquid and gaseous. Solid cat jumps on the man and trampled on it with sharp claws. Liquid cat can not catch it seeps through your fingers. Cat gas takes place more than there is in the apartment. More and protrudes out of the window.

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Most charming and funny cats (video)

The most ridiculous and cats cats always ready to cheer you up. Hidden in an ambush hunter, a cat riding on a turtle, my mother-cat, which has found an original way wash your kitten ...

How to play with the cat to the music

The cat and the owner loves electronic music. And a ball on a string!

Côte pianist, and many others

Côte pianist cat on a treadmill, and a box of kittens ... Do you want to cheer yourself up - watch funny cat videos.

Find the cat in the hay

You see a cat on Pictured? If yes, then click on it mouse.

Find the cat:

Find the cat

You are tired of looking for him? Then look back.

Paint your cat!

Artist Heather Busch and Burton Silver writer urged readers of his book boldly paint cats. In the book "Why paint cats: feline aesthetics ethics" they bring a lot of examples of how this can be done, and argue that the painting cats badly fun.

But, dear defenders of animals, do not hurry to sound the alarm, in the process of writing a book or one cat and one never touched. How did they paint? And elementary - in Photoshop! The very same book - a kind of banter over-zealous owners of cats, obsessed with their pets.

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Cats are similar to humans

Cats are so similar to humans. Just look what are they do!

Cats and "mimimi" threaten Russia (video)

It turns out that cats cause enormous damage to the economy. They contribute to the delay of the work, distract from the important things and have a serious impact on their hosts. That there is only one strange expression "mimimi" that people consciously (or unconsciously) use in their form! According to recent studies, the origin of "mimimi" causes a lot of fear ...

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Cute and funny cat (video)

See what they all paws! It is not possible to remain indifferent.

Musical Band «Soul Cat» (video)

In striped cat a great ear for music. He plays his game, just getting into the rhythm.