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Grumpy Cat - very angry cat in the world

On the Internet a new star - a nine-month kitten named Tardar Sauce (Tartar sauce), Or simply Tardy. She became known as Grumpy Cat, in the Russian version - Angry Cat.

September 23 this year under the name Cataliades someone posted a picture of his cat network. In Tardy congenital genetic defect, which is why it has curved legs (she charmingly clumsy, sometimes falling), and that this eternally dissatisfied muzzle. What it does not mean that the cat is constantly in a bad mood!

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Tartar Sauce - the angry cat in the world (video)

Grumpy The Cat, she's tartar sauce, she Tardy, she's the most angry cat (cat) in the world, merry ever, it is essential. Watch the video on how failed to cheer Grumpy Cat.

Funny seals

Cat diagnosed her mistress

Cat Doctor

UK resident Wendy Humphreys noticed that her cat constantly tries lie down on her right breast. Two weeks later, a woman is alarmed, and she went to the doctor.

After the examination, the doctors said that Wendy had come to the hospital just in time - there was a malignant tumor the size of a pea in her right breast. If a woman hesitated a little longer, the chances of a complete cure would be virtually gone. It turns out the cat Fiji actually He saved his mistress.

What to see in Japan? Kat Cafe.

Pets in Japan decided to love and pamper. But, unfortunately, many residents of cities can not afford to have a four-legged pet - a high tax on keeping animals at home, plus the strict rules of the content become for them an insurmountable obstacle.

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As the Chinese tiger caught

Zoo Management explained to journalists that the exponential hunting tiger need not only to work out the action in case something like that happens in reality, and then to show visitors, what are they in security will always, no matter what happens.

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Cat, who is afraid of Mario

This cat very funny bounces along with the hero Mario games. And your cat is afraid of something?

Cat, how could you?

A small selection of movies in Russian and English about cats, naughty and who are aware of this. The hosts are touched swear and explain their pets, it is wrong, the innocent seals clap eyes and take a cute pose.

Cat shelter in Rome (Find the cat)

One of the most unusual sights of Rome - the cat shelter to Largo Argentina (Largo di Torre Argentina). Previously, there was a sacred area, where the Senate met, there were 4 temple. In 44 BC, here in the Senate building, he was assassinated Julius Caesar. One of the conspirators proved a close friend of Julius Caesar, Marcus Junius Brutus. "And you Brute?" - Caesar had to say before his death and, according to one version, then I stopped resisting killers.

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Funny cats sleep

Funny cats in this video are sleeping in the most unexpected places. One kote, for example, he had fallen asleep curled up in a flower pot, and vertically. Another cat is comfortable to sleep in a glass. What is sleeping your cat?