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Cat fish store robbed in Vladivostok

Gray cat entered the shop window of seafood in the city of Vladivostok. Visitors to the store filmed on video, she appetite consumes seafood and fish. After that, all the output stored in the window, seized and held in the refrigerator disinfection. A significant portion of the products packaging has been broken, a part - is eaten. The damage to the cat, was estimated at 63 thousand rubles.

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The truth about Grumpy Cat (video)

Grumpy Cat Grumpy is not!

Simon's Cat exist (video)

Here's what Simon's cat in real life. At night, he gently tries to take the best place on the bed and in the morning wakes his master, because well, how much can you sleep! Smart host guessed to put a video camera in the bedroom, and now knows all about his Kotik.

Find the cat in the photo

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Find the cat:

Find the cat

You are tired of looking for him? Then look back.

How to stroke the cat

Iron the correct her cat! stroking a cat

stroking a cat

stroking a cat

stroking a cat

stroking a cat

stroking a cat

Ginger kitten rescued!

Little red kitten is not known how the car was in Melbourne tunnel. Kitten in horror rushed next to the rushing cars. Vigilant CCTV operator noticed it and immediately called tehtransport. Frightened baby hid under his rescue van arrived, and did not want to get out. In the end, the kitten is still pulled.

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Large seals also love box

This was known to many:

Cats and boxes

But this majority is not aware:

In fashion kotoborody

Trend of the new season - kotoborody:

Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody Kotoborody

Little Kitten hunts

Little kitten hunts robosobachku and teases an adult cat. "Sometimes it seems cruel, but do not worry," - says the hostess seals - "adult cat never hurt a kitten, and I'm always looking out for them."