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Drunk barnaulets robbed an apartment, but before he left fed the cat

Drunk Barnaul resident returned home and decided on the way to rob on the ground floor apartment. Armed with a shovel repeatedly convicted citizen of the cracked window and penetrated inside. Digging into the table he found 120,000 rubles in cash, and was about to leave, but there it was. At the meeting the robber went hungry cat.

Simon's Cat with bowl

Severe heart seasoned recidivist not stand this sad spectacle. The thief got into the master's refrigerator, took out the cat food, and poured it into a bowl, which is then put on the couch. After that, the robber with a sense of accomplishment left the scene of the crime in the same way - through the window.

We pass out a hungry cat

Returning home, the landlord immediately discovered the theft of money and suspiciously well-fed cat. Thief arrested in hot pursuit, he faces up to six years in prison. According to the prosecutor's office in Barnaul, a touching concern for the hungry seals are not a mitigating circumstance, besides, men are not paid past criminal record.

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