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Kotokusty conquer the social networks

British surrealist painter Richard Saunders creates unusual works - it attaches to the bushes and trees in the form of photos seals. One day on a walk painter drew attention to the bush, whose shape vaguely reminiscent of a sleeping cat. So began a period kotokustov.


Muse artist - it's his cat named Tolly breed Russian Blue, who has lived with him for many years and died of old age in February this year. The artist takes a photo of the plant and makes it the next seal.


Photos kotokustov aroused a great interest among users of social networks, and now they know around the world. Many people are unaware that it is - just a fantasy, not a real plant in the form of a cat.


One of the last works of Richard Saunders - kotokust drinking from the lake in Surrey, United Kingdom County. The work looked at more than three million users of Facebook.


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