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I'm a bad cat. Part 2

CAT shame pictures - this is one of the most popular English-language Internet memes. Hosts photographed their pets next to a sign that says, what this seal (or a little dog) should be ashamed. See our latest collection of ill-bred bad seals.

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cat shaming

I whine when I see that my bowl "empty". I howl as long as the hostess will not shake her. Then the bowl magically becomes full again.

cat shame picture

At the sight of toilet paper, I can not control myself.

bad cat

I bring them a gift of dead cockroaches.

Bad cat

We were trying to kill the friends of the hostess.

Côte fun

My name is Benny. I Stole sausages.

Côte bully

I woke up at 4 am the owner flopping booty on his face.

cat joke

I jumped into the aquarium.

shame Kitten

Once I was bitten by the dog and now, seeing me, she calls for help. All the neighborhood dogs are afraid of me.

cat joke

I go to the toilet on the floor next to her tray. Just because I want to!

arrogant cat

I do not believe that the owner gives me enough to eat. Therefore, to get myself a little more calories I ate cobwebs outside ... yummy (Alley cat).

Shame cat

I highly nuisance at night. LOL.

cat robber

I ate a check for a refund in the amount of $ 4,000 of taxes.

bad cat

I will meow for food.

cat shaming

I described the pants her mistress, and then persuaded the sister to do the same.

cat shame, dog shaming

I calmly look like a cat eating my food because I was afraid to drive it.

cat shame

I was an adventure for one night.

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