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Cat of the British government suspected of spying

Let's start in order: to date, three cats are living and working in the British government. As you can see the problem of mice in the UK it is very serious.

Cat Larry, about which we wrote earlier in his career caught only one mouse, and instead fulfill its responsibility to protect the government from rodents, prefers to bask in the sun and sleeping on the tables. For such a poor performance the British Prime Minister dismissed Larry. Of course, the dismissal was purely formal and the cat stayed in the government and went to bed where he likes. That this beauty:

Larry the cat from the British government

In place of Larry appointed young and full of promise, a cat Freya. Frey perfectly catches mice, and, unlike Larry, do not lazy. However, once she went for a walk ... and did not appear at work for two years. Return of Freya happy, but her irresponsibility has caused some complaints from members of the government. Unfortunately we could not find on the Internet photo Freya, so we offer you another look at Larry, his beautiful Greek profile:

Larry the cat in the UK Government

Finally, in April of this year to the post of Chief Mouser government took the cat by the name of Palmerston. The cat got its name in honor of former British Prime Minister Lord Palmerston and immediately set to work. Everything went well, the mouse shaking in horror, Larry asleep, Frey and Palmerston hunted ...

And recently a member of the Conservative Party Keith Simpson questioned the patriotism of Palmerston. It is not known what led him to such suspicions, but he said the following: "Do Palmerston checking passes at the security forces and the center of government communications? Can you assure Parliament and the most paranoid supporters out of the EU, which Palmerston - British and it is not a "mole" working for the European Commission, "Foreign Minister Philip Hammond immediately stood up for Palmerston and assured that there is no reason to doubt his faithfulness. "It is definitely not an agent, and I can assure you that Palmerston passed all the checks," - said Hammond. He also said such an important moment, as 100 percent Palmerston presence in the workplace, and that for a short time, his work had a cat has to catch three mice. In general misunderstanding was resolved safely and cat Palmerston quietly continued to perform their duties. And here he is:

Cat of the British provitelstva

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