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10 major bugs cat

Seals strange, it is a fact. We have compiled a collection of 10 basic cat bugs.

Thus, the seals are able to ...

1. ...blunt:

Côte tupit muzzle into the wall

2. appear out of nowhere at an unexpected moment:

Cat doing yoga with mistress

3. ... suddenly fall asleep anywhere:

cat sleeps

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4. become fluid:

Cat in a glass, cats - a liquid

5. cute and silly to lie on the floor:

Cat lying on the floor

6. as if nothing had happened to hang upside down:

cat hanging upside down

7. calmly take strange postures:

funny cat pose

8. climb throughout its beautiful clean paws:

cat tracks

9. well ... you get the idea:

lion licking

10. suddenly disappear and blend in with the terrain:

find cat

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