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любителів кішок "Династія"

Côte underwater

The first cat immersion in the world under the water held in the White Sea in the diving center "Arctic Circle". A pioneer in the underwater world has become one of the cats of the trainer Yuri Kuklachev.


Cat carefully designed diver suit. At first it was supposed to prepare a wet-suit, with the free legs and a tail, but tests have shown that cats with wet feet feel uncomfortable. As a result, the cat sewn completely dry suit. A particular challenge in the manufacture of costume representing the "tail sleeves" meant, of course, for the tail.


As to teach a cat to breathe through the mouthpiece was not possible, his suit itself is filled with air, and on his head he has a transparent sphere. Weight of necessary equipment has turned out quite large and very heavy for the cat, so lowered it into the water as a professional diver with a crane.


Underwater Cat traveled with the man. The dive lasted 30 minutes, the cat felt good, with interest looked at the surroundings and generally satisfied. The authors unusual project there is a desire to continue the dive trips in the cat company, so we are waiting for news from them.


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