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The British prime minister has dismissed the cat

British Prime Minister held among his subordinates tough cleaning. The result was dismissed famous all over the UK cat Larry - Head of the Department on struggle with mice.

Cat Larry, pass for excellent Mouser was taken from a shelter and a half years ago. Residence of the Prime overcame a mouse, and once this has even led to embarrassment - one of the rodents got into the camera lens. The newly made head of the department of the mouse on the top of the well proved, immediately catching a mouse.

Department on struggle with mice

However, very quickly, Larry stout, lazy, and generally stopped paying attention to the mice. Instead, to perform their duties - to protect the government from rodents - tailed official for days basking in the sun and slept.

And once the patience of the Prime Minister was full. Going into the study, where could be heard clearly rat race, he found the chief of department of the mouse, peacefully sprawled on the couch. On the requirements of his boss immediately wake up and get to work, Larry lazily opened one eye, complained meowed, and went on vacation.

Department on struggle with mice

Guess how many mice Larry caught during his work in the government? The correct answer is: only one.

In place of the Prime Larry took a young, but full of promise, a cat named Freya. Larry continues to live in a residence on Downing Street, but just as a universal libimtsa, and no serious official.

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