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Three reasons to get a cat-robot

VYaponii you can buy an unusual pet - a cat-robot named NONCOR (NeCoRo). Outwardly, it looks just like an ordinary housecat, his soft fluffy fur, the cat can meow and hiss. Throughout the body cat-work arranged tactile sensors, the ears to hear it, and see, strangely enough, the nose (visual sensors located there). The cat is not able to walk, but can stand on legs, sit, stretch and wagging tail. Côte robot emits 48 different sounds that can express different moods, likes to be scratched behind the ear. NONCOR worth fifteen hundred dollars.

cat-robot Necoro

So, here are three reasons to find yourself this robot cat:

1. Can ye not afford to have a cat

Then the cat-robot Necoro has been designed specifically for you. Residents of big cities are often unable to have pets for one reason or another: the rental conditions, allergies, lack of time care etc. In this case, the cat-robot will be a great way out. He is gentle, affectionate and behaves almost like a real cat.

By the way, in Japan's ubiquitous very stringent requirements for tenants and owners of housing - the animals can not be kept in apartments only in private homes - so that the appearance of a robotic cat that's where it was to be expected.

2. Vydavno want to be friends with a robot

And there you have a great opportunity! It robozhivotnoe smart enough to make it interesting for them. Robot cat reacts to how you behave with him as able to express a variety of emotions - meows, purrs, growls, hisses, caresses and offended. The future is already here, why not try to make friends with him?

3. Robototerapiya

One of the interesting research directions that have arisen in our century - is robotopsihologiya in particular robototerapiya. According to scientists working in this area, communication with robokota has a beneficial effect on the health of patients with Alzheimer's and various forms of senile dementia. The cat has a calming impact on them, people become calmer, feel positive emotions begin to take an interest in life. NONCOR also well suited for lonely elderly people, whom it would be difficult care for this animal.
In general, the range of applications of the robot cat quite wide. Children perceive it as a toy, and many adults - as a friend and a home therapist.

If you are interested in the behavior of a real robot cat, watch this video:

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