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If you decide to buy a pig ...

If you decide to have (buy and take with it, to take from volunteers, shelter) cat you know - your life is now never be the same. Males tend to become full members of the family and change the lifestyle of the owners is very noticeable. Yes, it's not a dog that you want to walk in the morning and evening, but if you think your cat will spend days walking in itself and require a minimum of attention, you're wrong. To your cat lived in a city apartment for a long time and not knowing cares, you should be ready to bear responsibility for it.

What to buy me a cat?

Feline great variety, they are all different and each is beautiful in its own way. The most calm and balanced of all the caudate - sphinxes. These cats do not scratch and do not bite; They are very affectionate and tame. In addition, it is only a cat "shown" to people who are allergic to wool. If you want a cozy and a little phlegmatic pet that does not require greater attention, think about this breed.

But the Abyssinian cat, on the contrary, rather choleric temperament. They are extremely active, playful and sociable. Abyssinian reticent, however, a way to attract attention to themselves, they will find, to be sure.

The largest breed of domestic cats - a Maine Coon. The weight of these beauties can be up to 15 kilograms, and length - more than a meter. Many owners Maine Coon noted that in nature they strongly resemble dogs. Maine Coons respond well to training, devoted to his master and generally obedient. However, buying a Maine Coon cat, be prepared for the fact that he will eat is also very good. But otherwise, a great beast takes a lot of food, it is natural.

To tell about the features of different breeds can be infinite. To understand what a cat is right for you, check out the overview of the main cat breeds:

Cat what breed I buy <<

buy a house cat

Adopt a pedigree cats

If you do not start it fundamentally thoroughbred koshku- just look around, perhaps, your furry friend is living very close and has long been waiting for you. Is it better to buy a mongrel kitten with it, take it on the street or have volunteers? We sincerely recommend that you find in the city and take shelter cat kitten there. So you do a good deed and shelter the one who needs your help. Yes, it is somewhat more difficult than usual to take a kitten from a domestic cat hand; perhaps, the first time your pet will require specific attention and care, but be sure - you will not regret his decision, cats are able to be very grateful. Our cats are in a shelter not a good life, give this animal a second chance - a noble and good deed.

Buy pedigree cats

If you decide to get a cat, took him from the street, be careful: make sure that the animal is ready to go on contact and can really become a home. It's one thing when you save a pet street, in urgent need of help, and quite another - when they simply take street cat without thinking. It so happens that people take the animal home, and then, after some time, thrown into the street, because it "did not stick". Know that a cat accustomed to family life, to adapt to the new street is quite difficult. If you do not believe in their capabilities and in the fact that the cat can become a home, it is best not to take it - leave where found. Better to just feed him, it is unlikely the cat will refuse.

The content of the cat house

Once you have brought home a cat or a cat, you are responsible for your pet's health. First, the cat (not facing the street) should be mandatory vaccinations. Infection easily bring into the house, for example, on the soles of shoes, and cats are curious and climb everywhere, so ... The very first vaccination is done in two stages. In the future, routine vaccination is carried out once in year. Just a couple of injections once a year, and your cat is protected from a variety of dangerous infections. Two weeks before the vaccination is done glistogonka (or planned glistogonka quarterly). If necessary, the treatment is carried out glistogonkoy of fleas, since flea - carriers of worms.
Secondly, if you have noticed your cat or any signs of illness, immediately contact your veterinarian. Very often the delay is animal life, because most of the infectious diseases of cats occurs rapidly. Do not self-medicate, do not expect that everything will be self - ask for help all the time and the cat will be fine.

How do you know that the cat is ill <<


Finally, sterilization. If you do not plan to reduce your cat or cat, do not torture an animal - sterilize. Many people consider this inhumane measure, preferring to give the animal drops or injections. Be aware that these drugs - a loading dose of hormones, so their use is fraught with serious consequences (up to cancer). Any veterinarian can tell you a lot of sad stories about what happens to cats and cats, which do not reduce or sterilized or given such droplets. Purulent inflammation of the uterus of a cat in this case - it is a natural result. On cats and sterilization castration cats you can read in the section Health:

cat Health <<

You love your pet and take care of him, and he will answer you in return.

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