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What to see in Japan? Kat Cafe.

Pets in Japan decided to love and pamper. But, unfortunately, many residents of cities can not afford to have a four-legged pet - a high tax on keeping animals at home, plus the strict rules of the content become for them an insurmountable obstacle.

And in most apartment buildings bring dogs or cats, and all are strictly prohibited, as animals may disturb neighbors or prevent them rest. Hardworking Japanese need proper rest at night - it's a fact, but what about those who love cats, but for objective reasons, can not bring pets?

For such people in the Rising Sun Country, there are special Cat Cafe, where you can relax and play with the "fluffy" employees. In one cafe usually "work" 15-20 cats. Previously, they were all homeless, but good owners Cat Cafe, pick them up, fed and provided with jobs. Each "worker" has a house, a bowl and hygiene. The employer takes care of the health of their "employees" - each of them is a regular medical check-ups and is under the supervision of a staff veterinarian.

Cat cafe

Visitors to the cafe playing with cats, put them on his lap, or just watch the boiling around the cat's life. The Cat Cafe is strictly prohibited to wake the drowsy cat and cause a cat to do what she does not want.

Cat cafe exist in Japan for more than seven years, it was the very first cafe Neko in Osaka. Today such institutions in the country for more than 100 (only in a single Tokyo they have 20 pieces).

Cat cafes frequently visited by managers and clerks, students and single people. An hour spent in Cat Café, worth 5-18 dollars, to be paid extra drinks and an Internet connection (without which the Japanese can not do anywhere else).

Cat Cafe - is a great solution of several problems of the modern metropolis, such as:

  • increase in the number of stray cats;
  • loneliness in the big city;
  • seasonal depression.

All the same problems exist in Russian cities. Maybe it's time to open the Cat Cafe?

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