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What is better to choose food for your cat?

What food for cats is the best?

Definitely the best option is to select the feed premium or super premium, ie professional cat food. Such feeds are well balanced, contain all the essential vitamins imikroelementy not contain colorants and flavorings. If you give your animal a good diet, it does not need extra vitamins, treats and other additives. Good food and well balanced, so do not give anything except his cat, in the best case, it will be useless, and at worst - is harmful. The basis of the premium feed of meat (offal not!), So it is always a part of in the first place. This is important, since the cat is primarily required is a quality animal protein and vegetable not.

Stamps professional cat food: Royal Canin, Hills, Iams, Purina Proplan, Go and others.

Buy food for cats online

Professional cat food you can buy in pet stores and veterinary pharmacies, their prices start from 200 rubles per kilogram. Also buy premium food can be on the Internet, many pet shops offer their customers the opportunity.

Which cat food do not need to buy?

The most undesirable option - is to feed the economy class. Instead, they contain quality meat byproducts, and to cause the animal addictive manufacturers add these flavoring agents (such as catnip - analogue valerian). There are cases when, after a long power such feed the cat refuses to eat anything else. Long-term food of low quality forages can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.

Stamps cat food economy class: Whiskas, Kitekat, Friskas and others.

Feed economy class sold in any supermarket, and are relatively cheap. But remember that the price of such savings may be the health of your pet. If you're strapped for cash, think about the best natural nutrition for cats, because cheap food - this is an option of last resort.

Select cat food

Between the feed economy and premium categories there is an intermediate option - middle class feed. For the average price you get consistent quality. If you decide to opt for such a stern, examine it carefully structure. In the first place should be meat (not offal), preferably to aromatic and flavoring additives as little as possible.

Stamps middle class feed: PerfectFit, CatChow and others.

Typically, such food can also be bought at the supermarket.

Why is food for cats is better to buy or vzoomagazine vetapteke?

Because only there you can buy high-quality premium food. In regular store such feed is not sold. In the line of any professional food to eat foods intended for cats of various breeds, feed for neutered cats, neutered cats, for cats older than 10 years, for animals with different problems, special food for long-haired cats, for animals that are prone to weight gain, fastidious cats, etc. You can pick up a product that is suitable for your cat without problems. Also, a professional food can be ordered for home delivery online store pet.

How to choose a food for cats and dogs

If your cat eats dry food ready, during the day it should have access to drinking water. Do not let the cat out of the water tap, as it can trigger the development of urolithiasis.

Among the professional there are also so-called feed medicated feed. Remember, give the animal a diet can be for a limited time (read the details on the packaging). In general, if you notice health problems in your cat or cats, begin to solve them with a visit to the vet, not vetapteki or pet store. For the health of your pet must be treated no less responsible than to his own.

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