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Feeding newborn kittens

Schedule of feeding a kitten. Up to and including the third week

The first five days of a newborn kitten should be fed every 2-3 hours day and night. Daily rate of 30 ml per 100 gram weight. Further, for up to two weeks, kittens fed every 4 hours during the all day. The amount of food is increased to 40 ml per 100 gram weight. At this time, kittens need some cat milk replacer. The milk of any mammal is designed exclusively for babies of its kind, so give what you like kittens milk in its pure form is impossible in means. You can use the cat's milk substitutes, which are sold in pet stores or prepare milk mixture on their own. For its preparation will need 4 pieces of boiled cow (or goat) milk and one part of the egg white. Ingredients needed to mix until smooth. If kittens can not tolerate cow's milk (you'll notice immediately, because problems will begin with a chair), you can try to give them a mixture of (very slightly diluted) for infants. Feed kittens comfortable with a pipette or a medical syringe without a needle. Giving them the mixture should be very careful, because if it gets into the lungs, the kitten drown. If this suddenly happened - immediately turn it upside down to release the respiratory tract. In addition, you need to take care of that while eating a kitten into the stomach did not get air. It needs to hold a syringe or pipette at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. After feeding kittens to gently massage the tummy dipped a cloth in order to stimulate digestion and help them send natural needs. Under normal conditions, it makes mom cat. The kitten must "go to the toilet," 2-3 times per day.

Store ready-made infant formula can be no longer than a day in the refrigerator, syringes and pipettes used for feeding should be regularly boil.

If your kitten is not thrown and not divorced from the mother, their weight will still need to be controlled. Slow weight gain suggests that they are malnourished. When kittens begin to suck their thumb and stretched all the time peep, they are hungry. If you notice this, increase the amount of food for the cat-mother. Sometimes some kittens get milk in sufficient quantities, while others go hungry. In this case, you need to enclose the hungry kittens closer to the belly nursing cats. If the cat is not enough milk for all the kittens, you need to start to lure them further.

Schedule of feeding a kitten. The third week of age and older

From the third week, the kittens, which feeds the cat, you need to lure milk mixture and introduced into their diet other foods - finely chopped lean beef, egg yolk, low-fat cottage cheese, milk liquid porridge. If you are supporter of feeding fodder ready, begin to give them special food for kittens.

The same tips apply to kittens, divorced from the mother - it is necessary to gradually increase the amount of food and administered in the diet of other products or finished feed. At the age of 4 weeks kittens start to accustom to bowl.

At the age of 3-6 months kittens fed 4 times a day, 6 to 9 months - 3 times a day, but after 9 months - once per day, as well as adult animals.

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