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If the cat eats flowers

The cat eats flowers

Why the cat eats the flowers?

The cat in nature - small predator, its main diet in the wild consists of small rodents and birds. its she eats the entire production, together with bones, feathers and wool. But her digestive tract is not adapted to digest them, so the cat has to regurgitate nepevarennye leftover food. To facilitate this process, feral cats sometimes eat grass. The grass irritate the stomach, and this provoked the gag reflex. Also cats constantly lick, and as a result swallow lumps of wool. From this "ballast" they also need to clear the stomach.

By grass indifferent, many domestic cats. However, everyone has different tastes - some prefer oats, wheat grass, some others - catnip. There are cats, which for some reason do not eat the grass at all, but this is rare. Eating house plants and flowers from the vase - from the same series.

How to wean cat have flowers?

If your pet has got into the habit houseplants, try to wean him. You can put in a pot of citrus skins (cats can not stand the smell of them), some are advised to spray leaves water and pepper. But most importantly - ask your animal alternative. Put the house special grass for cats, which is sold in any pet store (and is, incidentally, a penny). It includes the seeds of cereal, sometimes - catnip. In principle, you can not buy a special grass in the store, but most germinate oats or collect grass outside. Tastes in cats is very different, some of them for some only of his own well-known reasons, the grass can not stand shopping in general, and the street eating with pleasure. Just collect the grass lawn in a city where she might sprayed with pesticides and contaminated due to the proximity of roads and the countryside.

Once the cat eats grass, it should vomit. This process is spontaneous and uncontrolled. It makes sense to follow, that it  I clear the stomach, where after it will be easy to remove.

But many potted plants for cats can be poisonous. Plants dangerous for cats - a henbane, the violets, squill, geranium, lily of the valley, marigold, narcissus, poppies, yew, hemlock, oleander, philodendron, hellebore, chrysanthemums and all the bulbs.

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