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What to feed the cat: ready food or natural food?

There are two options for feeding cats - it is only natural food feeding and breast-prepared foods. And the mix and that, and another can not, so you have to weigh the "pros" and "against"And as soon as possible to decide what to feed your cat: natural food, or prepared foods. Why can not interfere with one another? The fact is that cats stomach gets used to a certain type of food, and starts to produce specific enzymes required for digestion of this type of food. animal body can not produce simultaneously both types of enzymes - and for natural food, and prepared feeds! Violation diet is fraught with serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, quality cat food (i.e., premium pet food), in any case, and balanced animal contain all necessary vitamins and minerals. If you start giving in addition to feed something else (natural food, vitamins), you break this balance and this food just will not go to the benefit of the animal.

Natural food for cats

So, the first option, feeding natural food. The basis of the diet for a natural diet should be meat. Meat can be given as a boiled or raw (it is recommended to pre-scalded with boiling water). Giving the cat meat by-products can be, but the bones - is highly undesirable, as they may injure the digestive tract.

Do not give your cat liver and fatty meat. Contrary to popular belief, the fish - not the best food for cats. It is recommended to include in the diet is not often (1-2 times per week), and is best cooked. Marine fish would be preferable to the river, because in the river, more likely, may contain parasites. Fish, as well as meat, to be lean. The animal can also give rice and buckwheat porridge, is to offer carrots, zucchini, cabbage and cucumbers. Not every cat will have to taste the vegetables, but try anyway worth it. You can not give her potatoes and sweet fruit. A couple of times a week can be included in the diet of boiled chicken egg, quail or more. Out of dairy products in the daily diet of the cat well fit - yogurt, yogurt with no flavorings, low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream, fermented baked milk. The milk should not be given any means - it is not absorbed! Remember that milk - is food for babies, and, for a certain kind of young. In the body, adult cat no enzymes necessary for digestion of milk (as well as many adults). Also select for your cat a good vitamin and mineral complex. It is very important that it gets enough taurine, since the body is completely cat gets it from food, because It is not able to produce on their own. In the public domain should always be clean water. And finally, it should be noted that because the cat - a predator, the bulk of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that it receives with food should be of animal origin. No porridge and vegetables can not replace her meat.

Complete food for cats

Option Two - feeding the prepared feed. Prepared feeds are divided into: 1. food economy class 2. feed of the middle class 3. feed premium or professional pet food, as they are sometimes called. So, let's find out: Which diet is best.

1. Feed economy class. It is well known to us on television advertising Kitekat, Darling, Whiskas, Katinka, Friskies and other cheap (50-100 rubles per kilogram) food sold in any supermarket.


Only, in spite of advertising promises of the economy class feed does not include all the necessary vitamins and minerals your cat, and they are not made of meat and offal (innards, cartilage, skin, etc.). Any cheap cat food contains big amount of flavoring and aromatic additives, such as catnip (analogue valerian), which causes cats addictive. That is why cats are accustomed to eating forages economy class, as a rule, there hard to teach something else, especially food premium, do not contain such additives. Animals that eat only such feeds, loses a large amount of minerals and vitamins, often have problems with the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys. In general, the only plus fodder economy class - it is their cheapness. But for a small price you unfortunately get the appropriate quality.

Perfect Fit

2. Feed the middle class. This feed such as PerfectFit, CatChow and other value, usually not more than 200 rubles per kilogram and sold in grocery stores and veterinary. Such food is also made of offal, though, and of higher quality. They, as well as feed and economy class, contain flavoring and aromatic additives, however, in small quantities. Unlike cheap feed, middle-class feed differ not only in taste, but also for other purposes. There are, for example, the feed for the prevention of kidney stones, to remove the swallowed lumps of wool, etc. Power on the basis of feed of the middle class definitely need to supplement vitamin intake.

3. Premium Foods, or professional. It - Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, Hill's, Innova, Chicken Soup, Nutro Choice, Iams and others. These feeds are sold only in veterinary stores and veterinary pharmacies. They cost from 200 rubles per kilogram and more.

Roya Canin

Premium Foods made from natural meat and cereals contain vitamin and mineral supplements, so in addition to give the cat vitamins is not only unnecessary, but also harmful. In such feedstuffs no flavor enhancers, colorants and odor. The line of any professional pet food includes a variety of species - for different breeds, for sterilized / neutered dogs and cats, for coming (or not coming) on ​​the street, for all ages, for those prone to certain diseases, etc. There are also medicated feed sold in veterinary pharmacies. Put the animal in a therapeutic diet can be only after consultation with a veterinarian.

All ready food, regardless of class, are divided into dry and wet (canned). Can I mix the dry and wet food? Yes, if the feed from a single source, and both are suitable for your cat. And another important point: if the animal is fed dry food, it should drink a lot (to absorb approximately 3 times more liquid than the feed). Therefore, in the public domain should always be fresh drinking water.

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