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How to feed the cat castrated

Firstly, after castration in the animal there is a serious hormonal changes. The cat becomes more calm and, quite often, a lazy, no longer mark territory, and increased interest in cats is replaced by heightened interest in food. Therefore, the first danger that lies in wait for him now - it obesity. Less physical activity, consumption of more food - and here you are, the result will not keep itself waiting long. Therefore, the first rule, which will now have to follow the owners - not to overfeed the cat. You can give the animal food often but in small portions. If you feed your cat ready to feed, it makes sense to switch to low-calorie. In the line of any professional have special feed food for neutered cats and sterilized cats.

Power neutered cats

It argued that castrated cats often develop urolithiasis disease. Like it or not - is not known, research data on this subject is very contradictory. But, in any case, this risk factor is also worth considering. There are two main causes of kidney stone disease in castrated cats. First, the appearance of stones in the urinary system, contributes to the fact that the animal is now less frequently urinating. Secondly, when the castration was performed at an early age, urethra and can remain immature too narrow, because of which there accumulate and stones. In addition, one of the risk factors for the disease urolithiasis - is overweight.

since many cats after castration acquire a tendency to obesity, one thing leads to another. Measures to be taken to prevent urolithiasis, pretty simple. Firstly, free access should now always be clean drinking water. In principle, the use of liquid in sufficient quantity is important for all cats, but castrated - is doubly important. Secondly, we must bear in mind that the high content of minerals (magnesium, phosphorus and calcium) in animal nutrition often leads to the formation of stones. If you feed your cat food ready, then put it on food for neutered cats. When natural food nutrition fish (due to the high content of minerals in it) should be excluded altogether. The diet of the castrated cat must be present dairy products.

Sometimes cats are observed the gums and teeth problems. Manufacturers of prefabricated premium feed manufactured feed for neutered cats with regard to this problem. If you stick to natural foods, then let his favorite meat, cut into large chunks - it is useful for training of the teeth and gums.

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