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Neutering cats. Before and after.

How to prepare a cat for sterilization

For 12-14 hours before surgery do not let the cat food, but about an hour before it clean and water as the stomach, intestines and bladder must be empty. Advance purchase 2 Postoperative blankets, make sure that one never stick thread, because the cat can pull them up and swallow.

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Do I need to castrate a cat?

When is the best neutered cat

With the onset of puberty (in cats occurs in 8-11 months, that is a little later than in cats) testes begin to produce male sex hormones. Under their influence, and start all know the signs of estrus - around the clock "caterwauling" attempts to run away from home, marking territory, imitation sexual intercourse with various objects, irritability and aggressiveness.

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How to help your cat lose weight?


Normally, cats ribs covered with a thin layer of fat, but easily felt, waist and clearly expressed. If you look at a cat having a normal body weight, on the side, you can see that her belly tightened and does not sag. But if the tummy is hanging, and the waist is not visible, the cat's time to diet.

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Cat Castration. Before and after.

For 12-14 hours before surgery is necessary to stop the supply of food; one hour prior to surgery to remove the bowl with water - stomach, intestines and urinary bladder of an animal must be empty.

Caring for a cat after castration

If the veterinary clinic to which you applied, provides a service to monitor the animals out of the anesthesia, it is best to use it. If such a service they do not (or can not afford it), take care of your pet will have to yourself. After anesthesia cat's body temperature drops a few degrees, so try it warm. Put the cat in a warm blanket on the floor next to a radiator or other heat source, cover with a blanket, heating pad can attach to the back. Cat need to put it on the floor, not on the couch or table, since, moving from anesthesia, it may fall out and cause injury. Occasionally rub his feet and ears, that they might restore circulation.

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How do you know that the cat is ill

So, your cat sick if:

  • she abruptly became lethargic and indifferent to everything, most of the day lying in a secluded place;
  • she had her discharge from the eyes or nose;
  • appeared ( "dropped"), the third eyelid;
  • there was blood in the urine or stool;
  • the cat started diarrhea, or vomiting;

There is a small clarification. Cats from time to time required to clean the stomach from undigested food residue and swallowed when licking lumps of wool. To get rid of excess, they sometimes provoke in his vomit (eg, eating homemade flowers). Therefore, if the cat is sick once, and at the same time it does not look weak - most likely she just got rid of the excess in the stomach. Watch it for a while, and if vomiting is not repeated, and the cat is behaving as usual, it's all right. If the cat threw up again, or if you notice she has any symptoms of the disease, then there is a problem and need to go to the vet.

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What immunizations needed a cat?

Do I need to be vaccinated cats?

Many cat owners mistakenly believe that an animal does not happen on the street, do not need to vaccinate. However, the catch dangerous the infection can even cat without leaving the apartment any time in their lives. The causative agents of various diseases for a long time are stored in the excretions of infected animals, and you, without knowing it, you can bring the infection home on the soles of shoes. If the cat is out for a walk on the street, participates in exhibitions, you pick her summer at the cottage, and the like, that is, contact with other animals is very likely, the risk to catch them any infection increases significantly. Not by planting a cat, you are putting it at risk of contracting serious diseases such as panleukopenia (distemper), rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and rabies. When the disease is the animal with rabies or panleukopenia probability of death is higher than the probability of recovery.

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Neutering cats. Frequently asked Questions.

The cat should have at least once?

If you do not plan to reduce its domestic cat, the best solution would be to give her an operation to sterilize. Contrary to popular belief, the cat does not have to be at least once in the life of "health." So try not to delay the operation - empty heat are harmful.

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Do I need to sterilize a cat?


Cat Sterilization Methods

Sterilization - Is abdominal carried out under general anesthesia surgery, during which the cat to remove only the ovaries (oophorectomy) or ovaries and uterus (ovariohysterectomy). Cats before the first heat sometimes only remove the ovaries, but if the animal is old enough or have given birth, you definitely need to be removed and the uterus and ovaries.

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Vaccinations for cats. Frequently asked Questions.

Delatli vaccinated domestic cats?

Making mandatory. Even if your pet does not go to the street, it is still subject to the risk of contracting a dangerous disease. The infection can easily break into your house, for example, on the soles of shoes. If your cat is on the street (in the country), in contact with other animals, participating in exhibitions, the collision probability of infection increases many times.

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Castration cats. Frequently asked Questions.

When can a cat neutered?

Castrate the cat it is best at the age of 8-11 months. It is important to perform this operation on time, ie, up to a year before the first mating, while hormones are produced by the testes only. In a more adult (and after mating) to connect produce hormones pituitary and adrenal glands, and castrated cat continues to be labeled. Neutered cat six months earlier is undesirable because At this age the urethral lumen was not generated, and the operation can lead to the development of kidney stones.

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