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If the cat sharpening its claws ...

Why cats sharpen their claws

Under natural conditions, the claws of the cat at all worn down themselves in the process of climbing trees, hunting, etc. At home, of course, this is not happening. For this reason, the cat must be some way to shorten the claws grow back, which she does, stripping wallpaper and furniture. If the claw is not shortened, that they break down, causing the animal discomfort and even pain. In addition, stachivaya claws, the cat marks the surface of its smell. Her legs are special glands that produce odorous secret. Where it sharpens claws a cat, be sure to sharpen and the other - now she just need to "block" a strange smell "native", saying thus, their rights to the territory. And, finally, the process of sharpening claws for a cat - it is also a gym (cat stretches, bends his back).

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How to punish a cat

should punish the cat only if you caught it on the "scene of the crime." Do it later (even if traces of the "crime" you come across not at once) does not make sense. The memory of a cat in such cases is short, so it just does not connect your anger and your offense.

Cats do not understand human language, but perfectly read our facial expressions and intonation. Therefore, punishing the cat, you need to use these "tools" to show her that you are unhappy. Yelling at her not - so you just scare the animal, but not much else. Usually the cat also helps to explain that it is wrong to "cat" language - to take her by the collar and "nashipet" on it. For the collar once I wore your cat to her mother, and this position is associated in any (even adult) cats with submission.

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Schooling kitten to the tray

Even if your first attempts to explain the kitten where the toilet collapsed, do not rush to despair. Schooling kitten to the tray - a task often complicated but always solvable. One universal prescription is not here, because each cat - a little personality with its own character and preferences. Some kittens at once understand what was happening, and some, on the contrary, persistently do not understand (or pretend they do not understand) why the owner has put in the corner, this strange box with sawdust (maybe play there?) And why is it so strange running and waving his hands, when the little cat traditionally "descended" on the seat (why not - it is convenient, and the smell lasts a long time). But seriously speaking, then this question is from the beginning to approach thoroughly, it is far easier to teach an animal to a tray at once, than to retrain later. Retrain, incidentally, is also possible, but it is much more difficult. Therefore, to prepare for the emergence of a kitten in the house need to advance.

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